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I work hard to create the best image possible by serving the story. I have a vision that will carry through the whole of each project and result in a cohesive project. 

Camera Package:

  • A7sII + Accessories 

    • Sony G-Series 28-135mm ​

    • Sony Distagon T* FE 35mm f/1.4

    • 28mm, 50mm, Macro Pentax 2.8 

    • 300mm Sony Lens

  • Sticks 

  • Slider

  • Gimbal Stabilizer


My focus is to realize the vision of the DP. I am fast efficient, a clear leader, and a problem solver. I strive to keep my lighting setups as simple without compromising on quality.


  • Sekonic L-858D Light meter 

  • Voltage Tic, Ground Tester 

  • Various tools, screwdrivers, etc... 

  • Black wrap 

  • Standard Gel/Diffusion Pack + Party Gels

  • Atmosphere Aerosol

  • Fog Machine


Lighting Package: 

  • x2 C-stands 

    • Quacker clamp

  • 4x4' circular and square bounce, 4x8' Square bounce

  • x6 Kit Stands

  • 2x Lowel Tota LED lamps

    • 2x V-mount battery ​

  • Blind Spot Gear 4x Scorpion v1 Kit 

  • Dreacast 3000 Bi-Color Fresnel

  • Falcon Eyes RX-24TDX 

  • 2x Aperture Al-M9 

  • 2x Cheap Chinese 1x1' LED panels 

  • x4 UV Blacklights


I am flexible. I can repair footage, correct, and do stylistic grades. 

Color Package:

  • Davinci Resolve 16.1 Studio

  • Neat Video 5

  • Color Accurate 4k Monitor 

  • 11 Terabytes of Storage Space